Our Story

Jamal Uddin is the founder of The Garden Of India, his career in the restaurant industry started shortly after his arrival in the UK. He opened his first restaurant 43 years ago in the town of Harlow, Essex, which he now calls home. He always had the entrepreneurial mentality from a young age that has never gone away and has built a business empire including a group of restaurants; The Vojan Ongar, The Raj Epping, The Raj Lodge, The Garden Of India, Sanuk High Ongar.  The business portfolio also includes a hotel in Royston and a Cash & Carry in Harlow.

Jamal Uddin’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is his personality. He is the brand, he has built his business around his name is synonymous with premium quality.

Jamal Uddin has a secondary school fully funded by him in his birthplace in Bangladesh established in 2000. He is the founding director and current chairman of Adventure World in Sylhet.  He is also the founding director of Homeland Life Insurance Bangladesh.

Jamal’s son; Mo Ahmed is the General Manager of The Garden Of India. Mo takes care of the day to day of the restaurant. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by maintaining the highest of standards and injecting a lot of personality into the business. Mo is much loved by customers and the wider community. Just like his father, he is community-minded and regularly supports local organisations and charities. Jamal and his family are viewed as pillars of the community and work hard for the betterment of the community in Harlow.

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